G Rated Tires Vs H Rated Tires

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Your actual speed capacity may be less than a tire s rating. Read on for why.

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The load range designations the alphabet letters are most common in north america today though some old timers hang onto ply ratings out of habit.

G rated tires vs h rated tires. If you re reading your tire sidewall the speed rating will be the last item in the character sequence in the tire s size code. There s an exception for the h rating. Generally the higher in the alphabet a tire is rated the better it will manage heat and faster speeds.

H rated tires when g rated tires will do the job. Tires with 2 00 2 25 2 50 nominal section widths are rated for 75 mph. Here the tire would have a speed rating of v.

Which rating system should we use. E rated tires vs g rated tires. Design speed mph j type.

Y rated tires have been tested at speeds up to and in excess of 186 mph 300 km h under optimal conditions. The older method puts the speed rating next to the r for radial in the size. Use whichever is easiest for you to keep straight in your head.

For example 225 50hr16 would be an h rated tire and 225 50vr16 would be the same size tire except v rated. Then a third advantage the g rated tire has over the e rated one is that it can carry more weight. Tire speed rating chart old style motorcycle tire speed ratings max.

Most truck tires today are rated g or h. Another is that the g rated tire has a larger margin to it. The rating indicates a new tire s performance in tightly controlled lab settings not the open road.

Below is an example of a the description on a tire s sidewall. One of the main advantages a g rated tire has over the e version is that the former is stronger than the latter. Based on the size most g rated tires can hold approximately 6 000 pounds while an h rated in the same size can hold roughly 6 500 pounds at the same pressure per tire said rob williams senior director of tbr sales at hankook tire.

Note that modern tires are now rated with a speed rating and load index. The current standard for tire size and information looks like p215 60r15 89h where the 89 is the tire load capacity and the h indicates the speed rating. V rated tires can be driven at 149 mph.

Load indexes aren t much used here. Like h tires vs can deliver a taste of the performance attributes associated with high speed rated and high performance tires w y and z.

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