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To determine the rate divide the total volume of tube feeding by 24 hours 3. Summary of g tube versus j tube.

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Anyway my daughter used to be on bolus g tube feeds and continuous at 150 ml hr at night.

G j tube feeding rate. If a person requires 1 500 kcal from tube feeds they will need 4 cans or 1 000 ml of a 2 0 kcal ml formula. The gastrostomy feeding tube g tube and jejunostomy feeding tube j tube are used to provide nutrients to patients who have a functional gastrointestinal tract but can t take adequate amounts of food through the mouth. The rate would be 42 ml hr.

Most formulas provide 1 kcal ml or 2 kcal ml. As an alternative. Having the extension tubes connected to the button for that much time out of every day causes the valves to wear out quickly.

Always give continuous feedings with the feeding pump through the j tube or j port of the gj tube. She is very active and we are gradually increasing the rate so that she can have more time off the pump. The intestine cannot tolerate high feed rates so most individuals with gj tubes are fed very slowly for the majority of a 24 hour period.

Now she is on continuous g j tube feeds. Most formulas come in 250 ml cans. An enteral feeding pump is the delivery method of choice 7 as the feeding rate can be accurately controlled into the jejunum.

Tubes may also be used to deliver medicines or to check for gastric residuals. Flushing helps push all the food or medicine through the tube. Selecting tube feeding formula and volume tube feeding formula and volume should meet nutritional needs based on a comprehensive initial and ongoing patient.

The pej or g j tube must not be rotated as there is a risk of displacing the jejunal tube by coiling it up in the stomach. Never bolus feed into the intestines through j tube or j port of the gj tube. She is currently at 115ml hr for 15 hr per day and maintaining her weight and hydration.

Check the drip rate regularly to ensure the feed is still running at the required rate. It is important to flush feeding tubes after each use. Calculate the rate of tube feedings 3.

G tube is a medical device inserted in the stomach via a small abdominal cut. That may contribute to gastrointestinal symptoms in patients on tube feeding see potential problems and preventive actions p 14 17 before changing type amount or rate of feeding 6 2. Tubes need upkeep and may become blocked or dislodged so it is important to have a plan for routine and emergency care.

The primary advantage of a feeding tube whether nasal ng or surgical is easier feeding. For questions please refer to the manufacturer of the specific gravity set used for tube feeding delivery. Please note this information is not a substitute for clinical judgment regarding appropriate tube feeding administration.

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