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Consult the pharmacist to determine if it is safe to crush solid medication and mix with water. The syringe may be washed in warm water air dried and reused.

Feeding Tube Change Day At The Hospital This Gj Tube Has A Port For The Stomach Gastric Meds And Water And A Port To T Feeding Tube Stomach Medical Supplies

The balloon inflation device is on the far left.

G j tube which port for meds. The j port is particularly likely to clog because of the longer length and smaller diameter of the tube. None of the nurses know which port i am supposed to put my feeds thru to make sure it goes to the jejunum. Some have g j tubes with g for meds and j for feeds while others have g j tubes where the j is used for everything and the g is used for drainage only.

Some tubes have one lumen terminating in the stomach and another in the jejunum function of the tube drugs should not be administered by tube if it is on free drainage or suction 3 1 drug charts should state the route of administration e g. Use liquid medications intended for enteral use whenever possible. Flush tube well following all medications to make sure the tube does not clog and then reconnect feeding bag.

We started with this type of gj tube in 2003 when megan first got hers placed. That said it sounds like in this patient the meds are supposed to be given through the g. Water should be flushed slowly into the j port each time.

It has 3 ports. The j port should be flushed every 4 6 hours especially after medications have been given and after feeds have ended. Gj tubes need to be flushed more often than g tubes.

If medication port is not available connect syringe to end of tube. The g port is on the right and the j port is the larger port in the middle. Nj and specify the lumen to be used.

Administering medications via the gastrostomy tube g tube or jejunal tube j tube i. Introduction to g tubes and j tubes tube feedings the resident who is unable to take food or fluids by mouth or is unable to swallow may be fed through a tube. One 1 goes to the stomach another to the intestine and a third to the balloon that holds the tube steady.

Flushing the tube to flush the g j port of your tube slowly push warm clean tap water into the side opening of the g port or j port of the connector. You can also choose this style of gj tube. Medication or feeding your doctor or nurse will give you instructions through what port medications and feedings should be given.

Hello i have a 20fr g j feeding tube. If safe pulverize the solid medication into a ine powder form and dissolve the powder in water before administering through the feeding. There is no separate medication port with this tube.

Connect syringe to medication port or g port on tube and gently push in medication. Low profile tube button buttons might have one 1 port that goes to the stomach gastric button or 2 ports that go to the stomach and intestine gastrojejunal button. Aspiration gastric decompression port for drug administration.

Suction feed and rx. Gastrojejunal tubes gj tubes gj tubes have 3 ports. Meds can be given through a j tube i ve seen it many times with kids whose g tubes are to drainage 24 7.

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