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Knowing more about the different types of tubes and understanding the lingo really helps you better navigate the most appropriate options for your child. G tube may be known as gastrostomy or gastric feeding tube.

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It is rare for a gj tube to be placed initially.

G tube vs j tube feeding. G tube is for long term nutrition and is inserted into the stomach through abdomen via small incision. J tube causes leakage around the tube which causes irritation and granulation issues while g tube results in the formation of granulation tissues which are painful irritating and experiences bleeding. The vast majority of children who get gj feeding tubes begin with g tubes.

The gastrostomy feeding tube g tube and jejunostomy feeding tube j tube are used to provide nutrients to patients who have a functional gastrointestinal tract but can t take adequate amounts of food through the mouth. G tube is for long term food plan and is inserted into the stomach by abdomen by way of small incision. Physicians can easily pull this tube out during in an inpatient setting.

My hubby currently has had a g tube for the past two or three years and has a history of aspiration pneumonia whiile on it. G tube is also called gastrostomy or gastric feeding tube. With the g tube all his formula goes right into the stomach and he has to be elevated at a 45 degrees at all times except when they change his brief.

They have to turn his feed off a half hour before they can turn or move him though and that s the main reason we are considering the j tube instead of the g tube. He hasn t aspirated for a few months now but it s been suggested by the nurse practioner that we switch him to a j tube which they say would greatly reduce any chance of aspiration. Most gj tubes have separate ports to access both the stomach g port and the small intestine j port though some tubes often called transjejunal tj tubes only allow access to the small intestine.

When they cannot use a g tube and a bowel obstruction exists above the small intestine physicians will opt to use a j tube instead says merck. Feeding the patient through the g tube is faster than the j tube since the stomach has expandable fundus and areas. G tube is a medical device inserted in the stomach via a small abdominal cut.

A temporary feeding tube is inserted into the mouth or nose down the throat into the esophagus and then the end rests in the stomach g tube or the middle of the small intestine j tube. J tube and g tube are medical models typically generally known as feeding tubes used for victims to provide nutritional vitamins who can not take meals by mouth. Summary of g tube versus j tube.

Administering water into the feeding tube usually. J tube and g tube are medical devices known as feeding tubes used for patients to provide nutrients who can t take food through mouth. Administration of diluted feedings through this tube in smaller volumes remains the protocol 4.

When you first enter the world of tube feeding it feels like there is a whole new language to learn. These types of tubes have a radio opaque tip meaning there is a small amount of material at the end of the tube that allows them to be detected on x ray.

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